World Ski Championships

World Ski Championships: World Cup silver medalist Dave Ryding tells BBC sports correspondent Andy Swiss that he learned to ski on a dry track in Pendle, Lancashire.

The British skier, who caught up with the best World Cup in Alpine skiing in his country and his country, finished second in the parallel slalom in January, participating in the Alpine Ski World Championships in the Swedish Aare this week.

Holdener, who won Friday’s alpine team on Friday, and team-mate Ramon Zenhusern, who was towering, were invincible in four races on the parallel slalom track in Olympia in front of a large crowd.

Daniel Yule and Alin Daniot joined the Swiss team, and the current Olympic champions won the debut at the Phenchhane Games last year.

Zenhausern, who won three podiums of the World Cup once, showed 23.29 seconds to see how his team beat the home team of Sweden for the time difference after a draw in the quarterfinal ended with a score of 2: 2.

He also played a decisive role in the defeat of the Swiss from Germany in the semifinals, his 23.37 second time victory over Linus Strasser was enough to win the final place against Austria.

In the final, Holdener defeated Katharina Liensberger before Catarina Trope and Michael Matt won to give Austria a 2: 1 advantage.

Nevertheless, Zengausern, whose height is 2 meters, remained calm, having surpassed 23.23 seconds most of the time to beat the bronze medalist slalom Marco Schwartz and win the Swiss gold thanks to a 0.77 second gap.

“Congratulations to Wendy and Ramona, who helped us spend the rest of the time and past fast times,” said Yule.

“The team spirit is always so good, we have fun.”

Holdener added: “We had a great team, a great team spirit, we fought for it, and it’s great to run with these wonderful ski runners!

“Even if we kick Sweden, we were very pleased with the support, today it was a large audience.”

Dominic Paris shook his head, crossed the finish line. The third skier, who started at the Super-G World Championship on Wednesday, made technical mistakes that required corrections at the end of his career. I was sure that he would fail again in the main championship.

Paris from Val d’Ultimo, Italy, for the first time became a world champion, completing what was already the best season in his life.

This is truly a magical year,” said Paris, who finished nine hundredths of a second ahead of two silver skiers: Johan Clary from France and Vincent Krichmayr from Austria.

Paris, the guitarist and singer of the Italian death metal band Rise of Voltage, promised to celebrate a big party in Ares, the lively Swedish resort in which the worlds live. His only previous medal at the World Championships or at the Olympics was silver on the descent in the 2013 Austrian Schladming World.

Italy won bronze after defeating Germany 3-1. World champions from France, France, were eliminated by the Germans in the quarter finals.

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